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Fully Automated Fare Collection Technology

We help transit agencies attract more passengers by making ticketing easier than ever with the world’s first Be-In / Be-Out (BiBo) technology.

Increasing ridership with automated ticketing

We help transit agencies attract more passengers by making ticketing easier than ever with the world’s first Be-In / Be-Out (BiBo) technology.

What is intelliTicket?

intelliTicket is the first ticketing technology that automatically issues a travel ticket to passengers by simply detecting their presence. The technology independently monitors a passenger’s journey and charges them according to prevailing rates once they disembark. There is no need for passengers to interact with the app at any time.

Also known as Be-In / Be-Out (BiBo) technology, intelliTicket allows passengers to spontaneously hop on and hop off public transportation without manually purchasing tickets, making it the easiest and most convenient way to  access mobility.

The potential of intelliTicket to contribute to increased ridership and passenger satisfaction is tremendous.

Helping transit agencies increase profits by making fare collection easier than ever.

Features & benefits

We believe it should be as easy as possible for passengers to access public transportation. At the same time, we have dedicated ourselves to designing a scalable and profitable solution, providing 100 % accuracy in any environment. And the best of all, it can be easily integrated in running systems.

Works offline

Unlike common applications, intelliTicket does not rely on a cellular connection or GPS data to calculate fares and ticket pricing. Instead, the advanced hardware / software combination can communicate in offline environments. Making it 100% reliable, even for highspeed or underground operations.

Improves passenger experience

Eliminating the process of booking travel tickets reduces time and effort, and prevents aggravation incase a passengers books the wrong ticket. Making the entire journey easy and more enjoyable. A happy passenger is a returning passenger.

Increases your profits

Upgrading your operations to digital solutions saves you from investing in stationary machinery. At the same, improved passenger experience leads to an increase in ridership.

Easy integration

Integrating intelliTicket does not mean you have to entirely exchange your current fare collection system. Instead, we can optionally provide a SDK which can easily be added as an addition to your current application or gated system in use.

How intelliTicket Works

intelliTicket consists of a hardware / software combination that is strategically placed inside transportation vehicles themselves or at swinging gates, depending on how an agency operates.
This hardware triggers specific commands when mobile devices with the according application are within close proximity. These commands can initiate opening of gates, check in of passengers, and finalizing payments once the mobile device is out of reach.

Working with this hardware / software combination provides reliable operations, even without internet or cellular coverage.

Download app and setup payment method

To participate in Be-In / Be-Out, passengers need to have the according mobile app installed. After providing payment credentials, users are ready to board vehicles of participating transit agencies ticketfree.

Board transit vehicles ticketfree

Access gates will open automatically when passengers are right in front of them. If a partner operates without gates, passengers can immediately board transit vehicles. They will be checked in automatically without having to interact with the app.

Get charged after disembarking

As soon as a passengers disembark the respective vehicles or pass by exit gates, the technology automatically checks them out and finalizes the payment according to the distance travelled. It’s really that simple.

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